Privacy Policy

KeyIVR ("us", "we") take your online privacy very seriously and this Privacy Policy outlines how we use and protect any personal information which we obtain by you (“the customer”) using our services. iView is not responsible for the privacy practices of any websites which may be linked from the iView website, so please check these accordingly.

What information we collect

In order to use our services we require a number of pieces of information (listed below).

  • Company details
  • Merchant bank details (in order to process a payment)
  • Email addresses (for contact/reporting purposes)

We store this information on one of our secure servers and is only used in conjunction with services we provide.


Security and Storage

We do not store any unnecessary information on our systems (i.e. information which is not vitally important for continued use of our services). We are PCI certified (level 2) and take online security very seriously (because it’s what we do).

Whilst we have policies, rules and measures in place and possible precautions are taken to safeguard you and your company’s information, KeyIVR cannot guarantee the security of any information you provide online.